How to Recover Data from Drive with Bad Sectors?

The hard drive in a system is the main and typically largest storage device that enduringly stores all data. It is basically used to store and retrieve digital information with the help of speedily rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material. It helps you to store a variety of data such as pictures, music, games, documents and many more. However, the hard drive is a mechanical device that may ultimately fail at some point or the other and one of the main reasons behind it is bad sectors on the hard disk.

Bad sectors on the drive

The hard drives generally have a number of platters covered with magnetic material which is used to hold data. These platters are divided into a set of concentric rings called tracks which are in turn separated into smaller storage areas called sectors. During the lifetime of a hard drive, if any sector goes bad (i.e. physical damage to a part of the hard drive) then, the data in that sector may be lost. Hence, the bad sectors usually lead to data loss on your hard drive.

Symptoms of Bad Sectors on Hard Disk :

  • Your system performing very slow and unresponsive while accessing the hard disk
  • During system startup, an automatic startup of Chkdsk or scandisk application
  • An error message like: Data Error (“Cyclic Redundancy Check”)

With the help of Windows built-in utility, you can repair bad sectors on your hard drive. But, you may also come across a situation where you observe a rise in the number of bad sectors which is due to the regular usage and aging of the computer. As a result, it leads to a huge amount of data loss. But, don’t worry! Now, you can create a copy of your hard drive and retrieve data from hard drive with bad sectors using effective Drive Recovery Software.

Easily restore data from the drive with bad sectors

The Drive Recovery Software is an incredible tool that creates a disk image of the hard drive containing bad sectors and then securely extracts data from it. It is designed to recover data from both internal hard drives and external hard drives. Click here for more information about the steps to recover Lenovo ThinkPad hard drive.

Significant features of the Drive Recovery Software

  • Easy-to-use and provides the most powerful way to retrieve data from hard drive with bad sectors.
  • Works efficiently with all disk file systems- FAT, exFAT and NTFS.
  • It also helps to recover data from crashed hard drive, formatted, reformatted, etc. due to different reasons with ease.
  • Provides an option to preview the data recovered after applying a scan on the drive.
  • Compatible on all the latest versions of Windows as well as Mac operating systems.
  • Helps to recover pen drive files, SSD, FireWire drive, memory card, and iPods etc. without any difficulty.
  • Available in a demo version.
  • Makes it easily possible to recover RAW drive data such as images, audio, videos, documents, etc.

Steps to regain data from drive with bad sectors

Step 1: Launch the Drive Recovery Software on your computer. Choose Recover Partitions option on the drive.

Step 2: Now select the drive containing the bad sectors and hit on the Scan button.

Drive Recovery Software - Select Recovery Mode

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 3: The tool starts scanning for data on the bad sectors.

Drive Recovery Software - Select Drive

Figure 2: Scanning for Files

Step 4: The retrieved files from the hard disk File Type View and Data View layouts.

Drive Recovery Software - File Type View Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

Step 5: You can now preview and mark the file items for restoring.

Drive Recovery Software - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview

Step 6: Pick a suitable location to save the files recovered from the drive containing bad sectors and hit on the Save button.

Drive Recovery Software - Save Recovered Files

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files

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