How to Recover C Drive Data?

Have you lost any of your data from C drive? And looking for data recovery from C drive? Then, you don’t have to worry much because, you have selected the right page where you will come to know how to recover C drive data very easily by making use of an advanced recovery tool.

C drive is the very commonly assigned drive letter by many users to install Windows operating system. When a user has selected C drive to install Windows operating system then all his Windows files and Program files reside in this drive. And if any loss of data from this drive may result in major changes to your Operating system and recovering data from C drive is the only option to a user who wants his computer to work normally as it was before.

Scenarios of data loss or deletion from C drive:

  • When C drive gets corrupted due to virus infection etc.
  • If any interruption like power surge happens when user is performing defragmentation of C drive.
  • When a user has deleted an operating system file accidentally then it may result in corruption of C drive.
  • If any interruption happens when a user is performing Reformatting of file system, for example a user is reformatting FAT32 File system to NTFS file system.
  • A user going wrong in performing disk partition on C drive may result in corruption of drive.
  • When a user goes wrong in performing Dual boot. When selecting C drive while performing dual boot may lead to format of C drive and previous operating system installation in C drive will get deleted. Due to this the data will get lost from C drive.

The above mentioned are some of the scenarios where your data get lost from C drive and if you are facing any of the above mentioned scenarios or any other scenarios by which your data get lost. Then don’t worry as you can recover the lost data by means of an advanced tool known as Drive Recovery Software by which you can safely recover C drive data, and it can also be very useful to recover data from crashed hard drive in an effective and efficient way.

Feature of drive recovery software:

Drive Recovery Software is an advanced tool which can recover C drive data very effectively by which there is no loss of data after recovering data from C drive. It is a safest tool which can recover C drive data very quickly. When C drive data recovery is performed by making use of this tool then a user will not face any issue when recovery is in progress. This tool is designed by making use of good scanning algorithms by which C drive data retrieval is efficiently obtained. This reliable software can recover C drive data even when a reinstallation is done on C drive. It is also very useful tool for Pen drive recovery, flash drive recovery, card recovery etc. This software can easily recover C drive data if the file system of C drive is FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 etc. This software which is used to perform data recovery from C drive can also recover data from MAC computer system. This Software can easily perform C drive data recovery if a user has deleted files from C drive using Shift + delete button combination. This software can perform C drive data recovery when the C drive partition becomes inaccessible due to some unknown reason. It can also be used for recovering lost data from external hard drive.

External hard drives are mainly used to backup some important data as well as to store large data files. Iomega is one among the most popular and reliable external hard drive. However, you may also lose your valuable data from Iomega hard drive due to various reasons like file system corruption, damaged drive, unintentional format, bad sectors, accidental deletion etc. In all such cases, you can make use of this effective Drive Recovery Software and recover data from Iomega external hard drive within few clicks of mouse.

Steps to know how to recover C drive data:

Step 1: Install and run the software on your computer and then select “Recover Drives” from the main screen.

Recover C Drive Data - Main Screen

Step 2: Now select either “Recover Deleted files” or “Recover Lost files” option to proceed with data recovery from C drive.

Recover Data from C Drive - Recover File Screen

Step 3: Select your C drive to recover lost or deleted data from it, and then click on “Next” option to begin scanning process.

C Drive Data Recovery - Select Drive Screen

Step 4: Now you can preview the recovered data before saving by using either "File Type View" or "Data View".

How to Recover C Drive Data - Preview Screen

Step 5: Once the recovery is done, save the recovered C drive data.

Retrive C Drive Data - Save Recovery Session

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