Data Recovery from Windows 8 Hard Drive

  • A remarkable tool that restores data from Windows 8 HD with ease
  • Powerful enough to extract files from other storage drives like external HDD, SSD, USB drives etc.
  • Securely revives the files on the disk partitions
  • Files from formatted, unbootable, corrupt or unreadable drives can be fetched
  • Works on all other versions of Windows OS


Windows 8 is a user-friendly interface operating system developed and manufactured by the Microsoft Corporation. It is been programmed with enhanced features compared to the previous versions like Windows 7. This system offers advanced features such as high read/write operation speed, high support to the external storage device, and more. This operating system is very famous among professionals as well as personal users and widely used to perform many operations on the system such as create documents, presentation slides, listening music, playing games, surfing the internet, and many more.

But sometimes, data might get deleted or lost from a Windows 8 hard drive due to some known or unknown reasons. In these situations, you may get panic and start worrying about lost data recovery from a Window 8 hard drive. However, there is nothing to get panic about how to recover data from the Windows 8 hard drive as you can easily carry out this task using the Drive Recovery software. This software has got a strong scanning algorithm which is capable to scan and recover data from a RAW hard drive, formatted drive on Windows 8 without any difficulties.

Common scenarios due to which data may get deleted or lost from Windows 8 hard drive:

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while deleting unwanted files, you may unintentionally select and delete important files by using “Shift+ Delete” combination keys on Windows 8 computer which in turn leads to permanent deletion of data from your system drive.

Unintentional Formation: Sometimes, while you format the drive which contains junk files or displaying errors, you may unintentionally select and format the essential drive which may cause loss of vital data from your Windows 8 system.

Virus Infection: If your Windows 8 hard drive gets infected by a severe virus, then files stored onto it might go missing from it, or the drive itself becomes inaccessible which leads to a huge loss of data.

Interruption: A sudden termination of the system due to power failure when transferring the files from an external hard drive to the computer and vice-versa may cause data loss from your Windows 8 drive as well as from external storage media.

These are the common reasons behind the deletion or loss of files on Windows 8 system. If you want to overcome from these scenarios then you need a reliable program called Drive Recovery software to recover data from a crashed hard drive after Windows 10 reinstall in an easy way.

Significant Features of the Drive Recovery Software:

This is the best recovery software specially designed to recover data from Windows 8 hard drive with a greater ease. This is the robust application which restores deleted or lost data from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and exFAT file system partition of hard drives. It has the ability to retrieve formatted, damaged HDD data. Also, it can perform crashed hard drive data recovery with utmost ease. You can recover data from various types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE and SATA. This is the best application to get back data from various storage devices such as USB flash drive or pen drives, memory cards or stick, etc. It is the reliable tool to recover all most all types of files like MPG, AVI, DOC, EXE, RAW, ZIP, MP4, RAR, MPEG, AVI, WMV, AMR, DOC, DOCX, PPT, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and more. With the help of its preview option, you can view recovered Windows HDD data which can be stored to any storage space.

Easy steps to recover data from a Windows 8 hard drive:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of this application and launch the application. From the Main Screen, select “Recover Drives” option.

Recover Data from Windows 8 Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, choose either “Partition Recovery” or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option to restore files from Windows 8 hard disk drive.

How to Recover Files from Windows 8 Hard Drive? - Select Mode Screen

Fig 2: Select Mode Screen

Step 3: The software scans and displays a list of drives. Choose the particular hard drive and click on Next option to start the scanning process as shown in Fig 3.

Data Recovery from Windows 8 Hard Drive - Select Hard Drive

Fig 3: Select Hard Drive

Step 4: Now, you can “Save” the recovered files to your desired location.

Recovering Data from Windows 8 Hard Drive - Save Recovered Files Screen

Fig 4: Save Recovered Files Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users