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Hi, I just upgraded my OS into Windows 10 last week by hearing its advanced features. Since then instead of C drive, I have been using the D drive for installing new programs. I wasn’t concerned about the limited disk space in D. Now, I am paying for this ignorance. I cannot able to access D drive since this morning. Whenever I try to open this drive, I am getting the message -hard drive not formatted error. I am not concerned about the installed programs. But that drive also contains some crucial personal files. I want to know is there a way to recover Windows 10 hard drive data, without involving complex procedures. Anticipating your valuable feedback…

This may be one of the situations where a Windows 10 user starts to think about a data recovery tool. As you all know, Windows 10 is regarded as the safest operating system ever produced on Windows family. Well, this image will not guarantee that our data is protected forever on the Windows 10 computer. Many of the data loss scenarios pertaining to its previous versions are applicable to Windows 10 also.

Possible Causes of Data Loss on a Windows 10 Hard Drive

Accidental Deletion of Data: This may be one of the data loss reasons which you cannot anticipate in advance. Possible ways of accidental deletion of files and folders from a Windows 10 computer do not differ from a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer at any extent. You can find that all the accidental data deletion scenarios such as File deletion using Shift + Delete, empty Recycle Bin, etc. are also feasible on a Windows 10 hard drive.   

Unintentional Formatting of the Hard Drive Partition: Most of the time, it is none other than unwanted haste of the users which is responsible for this kind of data loss. Even Windows 10 hard drives are not secured from such a formatting. Just imagine the situation where instead of formatting a 2GB pen drive, you have formatted a 40GB hard drive partition on your Windows 10 computer hard drive by mistake. Can you afford this data loss? You have to use advanced software to recover Windows 10 hard drive data which lost due to such a formatting of the hard drive partition.  s

Unreliable Third-Party Tools: Windows 10 always recommends trusted third party tools from authentic sources. Use of untrustworthy utilities on Windows 10 is not at all safe to hard drive data especially if such tools are capable of accessing hard drive data.   

These three data loss causes are just instances of various Windows 10 data loss reasons. Only due to a high probability of occurrence, these data loss reasons discussed with you. You cannot opt for any other option other than a Windows 10 hard drive data recovery tool In case you have faced such a data loss. Here’s the relevance of Drive Recovery Software which is capable of recovering more than 300 types of files in a hassle-free way. Using this software, you can get back data from Windows 10, 8, 7, etc. with ease. To know more about Windows 8 hard drive data recovery, you can check this page.

Importance of Drive Recovery Software

  • This software recovers files labeled with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute from NTFS formatted Windows 10 partitions.
  • Drive Recovery Software can recover music from the hard drive which is formatted with NTFS partitions by preserving names of recovered files.
  • You can use this software to recover data from Windows 10 hard drive of different types such as IDE, SATA, SCSI or RAID.
  • If there are bad sectors on your Windows 10 hard drive, you can bypass them by creating disk images using this tool.
  • You can sort restored data from a Windows 10 hard drive on the basis of several file attributes such as file name, file size, etc.
  • Anyone can recover data from Windows hard drive using this tool irrespective of the expertise of that person; this is possible with the simple GUI of this tool.
  • You can use “Save Recovery Session” feature of this tool, in order to avoid rescanning of the drive to recover data.
  • Free technical support is available to all who use this software.
  • You can use this tool also for pen drive recovery, flash memory card recovery, etc.
  • By Using Drive Recovery software to recover Windows 10 hard drive data, you can preview recovered files for evaluation purpose before saving those files.

Steps for Recovering Windows 10 Hard Drive Data

Step 1: Download and install the free version of this tool on your computer. Launch the tool and select “Recover Drives” option.

Software to Recover Windows 10 Hard Drive Data- Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: From the next screen, you can see two options namely “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”. Choose one according to your data loss scenario.

Windows 10 Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool- Select Type of Recovery

Figure 2: Select Type of Recovery

Step 3: Here, from the list of the available drives, you have to select your "Windows 10 partition" from where you have lost data.

Way to Recover Windows 10 Hard Drive Data- Select Windows 10 Partition

Figure 3: Select Windows 10 Partition

Step 4: After a successful scanning, you can save the recovered files using “Save to Drive” or “Save to CD/DVD” option.

Recover Data from Windows Hard Drive- Save Recovered Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files

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