How to Recover Data from SSD?


Have you lost your important data from an SSD drive? So, are you searching for the right solution to get back that lost data? Then, don’t fret. Here you will find the easiest way of retrieving data from an SSD drive. The Drive Recovery Software is an incredible tool designed to extract SSD data in simple clicks.

How Data from the SSD Gets Deleted or Lost?

  • Virus attack, malware and ransomware threats
  • Logical drive errors
  • Corruption of the Controller Chip
  • Bad blocks formations on SSD
  • Unintended Deletion
  • SSD Formatting/Reformatting operations
  • Errors While Transferring Data
  • System Failures

Not just these, there are various other factors that can influence the loss of data from SSD drive. Nonetheless, the Drive Recovery Software has got latent of bringing back lost or deleted data very effectively.

Using the Drive Recovery Software, can I restore data from a crashed hard drive?

Yes, needless to say. Using SSD drive recovery Software, you are able to retrieve lost data from a crashed SSD drive. This tool can also be used to restore data from other storage devices that's been crashed.

Recovering Solid State Drive data

Drive Recovery Software is a reliable data restoration program; it is essentially used for recovering data from the SSD drive. This application is amongst the top and remarkable recovery tools and is suggested by the majority of the industry experts.

Note: To know how to recover recently deleted files you can click on this link:

Features of Drive Recovery Software:

  • Helps to get back deleted, lost, corrupt, formatted, reformatted or unbootable SSD drives
  • Offers simple and secure SSD data recovery technique
  • Capable to retrieve data from USB drive, FireWire drives, external hard disk drive, memory cards, etc.
  • Available in a demo version
  • Displays preview of the restored data in two different view layouts
  • Excellently works on both Windows and Mac operating systems

Simple Steps to Recover SSD Data

Step 1: After installing the Drive Recovery Software, you need to select the Recover Partitions option.

Step 2: Continue to select the SSD drive from the list of available storage drives. (If the data is to be restored from an external SSD then make sure you have connected it to the system). Click on the Scan button to initiate the recovery process.

Drive Recovery Software - Select Recovery Mode

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 3: The software starts scanning the SSD storage for the data that is deleted, lost or formatted.

Drive Recovery Software - Select Drive

Figure 2: Scanning for Files

Step 4: When the scan process ends, you can check for the retrieved SSD files in File Type View and Data View.

Drive Recovery Software - File Type View Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

Step 5: Verify the recovered data by previewing it. Mark the files that you want to save.

Drive Recovery Software - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview

Step 6: You can proceed to save the recovered data only if you are running the licensed edition of the Drive Recovery Software.

Drive Recovery Software - Save Recovered Files

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files

Note: Do not add any files or folders after your data gets deleted else you won’t be able to recover your data using this software. Also remember, do not save recovered data in the same memory location from where the files are lost or deleted.

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