Recover Deleted Partition On External Hard Drive Mac

  • The simplest technique to undelete external HDD partitions on Mac
  • A rich set of built-in algorithms extracts data by scanning the Mac volumes
  • The set of restored items are presented for a preview at the user end
  • Supports all Mac disk file systems
  • Also capable to recover data from various other external storage drives in no time


“I have connected my external hard drive to my system to transfer files from it. While I was transferring files to my system I accidentally deleted some vital files from my external hard drive partition. Can anyone know how to recover deleted partition on external hard drive Mac with ease?”

Have you ever deleted partition on external hard drive Mac and worried about how to recover deleted partition on an external hard drive Mac? In such situation, don’t get worried as you can opt Drive Recovery Software to recover partition deleted on an external hard drive Mac. This software is capable of recovering deleted partition on the external hard drive with ease. For more details, you can visit this link:

Reasons for deletion of the partition on the external hard drive:

  • Deleting a partition by accidental pressing of shift+ delete keys.
  • Accidental selecting a partition with vital files instead of unwanted partition and clicking on the Delete option.
  • Use of unauthorized third-party software like partition/repartitioning tool, defragmentation tool, antivirus software, etc. on external drive.
  • Unnecessary format or reformat of the external hard drive, accidentally picking up a wrong partition for formatting will delete partition data completely.
  • Deleting wrong file instead of intended file
  • File deletion due to the use of the third-party applications
  • Accidentally removing of files from Mac
  • Mistakenly formatting of the external hard drive
  • Errors while re-formatting the Mac hard drive
  • Deletion of files and folders using the command prompt
  • Accidentally deleting of partition from “Disk Utility” while you are trying to expand it may result in removing of partition along with the files stored on it.


Losing partitions on the external hard drive is a drastic situation for the users who lose their important data from their partition which are saved on it. In such situation you can use Drive Recovery software to recover deleted partition data from an external hard drive on Mac with ease.

Features of the Drive Recovery Software:

Steps on how To Recover Deleted Partition on the External Hard Drive Mac:

Step 1: Download and install Drive Recovery software on your Mac operating system by following simple steps. Run the tool and select “Recover Volumes/Drives” option from it.

How To Recover Deleted Partition On External Hard Drive Mac- Mac Main Screen

Step 2: The software pops up a new screen. Choose either “Partition Recovery” from the option and a screen with a list of drives will be displayed. Select the drive from which you have deleted files and click on “Next” option.

Recover Partition Deleted On External Hard Drive Mac - Select Drive Screen

Step 3: After the recovery is completed, select and preview the files and save it back when you purchase the product.

Recover Deleted Partition Data From External Hard Drive On Mac- Mac Preview File Screen

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