Recover Dell Hard Disk Data

  • A well-known tool built to restore data from Dell system drives
  • Also helps in bringing back data from external HDD, SSD, FireWire drives, USB drives and others
  • Formatted, corrupt, broken or unreadable drive data can be restored instantly
  • Offers a simple drive data recovery mechanism
  • Upon a scan operation, the recovered data items can be previewed

Computers use the hard drive as the main source of data storage. Currently, hard drive data capacity range from 8 GB to 1 TB. Among the various brands of the hard drive, Dell has been used by many customers on their desktops and laptops. Dell is an American multinational company the produces various computer electronic hardware as well as software for the systems. This company is awarded as the third largest PC vendor in the world.

The Dell hard drives are built with a more reliable and safe structure for its constant working. Due to its features, a number of users started using them in their personal computers. Hard drive interfaces cab be many types like SCSI, IDE and SATA. Among these Dell’s hard drive is designed with SATA interface. As all other hard drives, even Dell users may face data loss problems. Hence, they have to opt for a perfect recovery tool compatible with Dell hard drives to restore the lost files such as Dell hard drive recovery utility. Dell users who face any type of data loss can download this tool and recover the valuable data in ease.

Reasons that causes loss of data from Dell hard drives:

  1. Operating system corruption: Operating system is software that controls the whole system hardware and software. It’s an interface between the computer and the user. Due to these functions, they play a very crucial part in managing and accessing of the file saved on the system. If the operating systems behave in an abnormal way it may be corrupted due to some virus infection or any distraction in the file system. This corruption may make the files stored on a Dell hard disk to be inaccessible.
  2. Bad sectors: Dell hard drives have divisions called sectors. These sectors have data stored in them. If there are any scratches on the disk platters it can cause bad sectors on the hard drive. If any particular part as turned bad sectors the whole data on that sector becomes inaccessible to the users. If any of the files reside on the sector you may lose that file.
  3. MBR Corruption: MBR is the first sector of a Dell hard drive which tells the computer how to boot the system and from where and how to load the operating system. Sometimes boot sector may cause corruption to MBR which may lead to failure in the booting process. Hence, if the booting fails, the users may not be able to access the files saved on the Dell hard drive computers.

Dell hard disk recovery is the best-demanded tool in today’s IT market that is used to recover files lost from the computers having a Dell hard disk. This tool can restore files from a damaged HDD and facilitate a real-time preview of the file before you save them on your storage device. The file systems supported by this software are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and many more. By the use of this tool, one can recover files from a hard drive on Mac and Windows platform.

Disk images can be formed bypassing the bad sectors so that the files can be retrieved from these disk images in a later stage. This application enables you to recover videos from hard disk including file types like documents, text files, animation, audio, excel sheets etc. On completing the recovery the software allows you to restore the files on any storage medium. Recovering deleted photos from an external hard drive is also very much possible using this tool. For more details follow

Your hard drive may also get crashed due to any of the reasons which are mentioned above. In such cases, no need to worry at all, as Drive Recovery Software is a very effective tool in order to gain access to the files stored on a crashed hard drive. Go to this page for more info about the crashed drive recovery.

Photos are very essential information that has been stored on your system hard drive. But, these photos may get deleted or lost due to various reasons like an accidental deletion, unintentionally formatting, use of third-party tools, and more. So, in order to recover your lost or deleted pictures from the system hard drive, you can visit the following link:

Additionally, if your data has become inaccessible due to the bad sectors then also you can use this software that can also help you to restore data from the hard drive with bad sectors within minutes.

Steps to perform a Dell Hard Disk recovery:

Step 1: Download Dell hard drive recovery software from the site and perform an installation on your Windows system. On launching the application you can find “Recover Drives” option. Click on that option.

Drive Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step 2: On the next screen select either “Partition Recovery” option or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option based on the factor of data loss. Next, select the drive from which you lost/deleted the data on your system.

Drive Hard Disk Recovery - Select Drive Screen

Step 3: The recovery process gets initiated and the software scans and recovers all the files from the selected drive and displays it to you. Select your file and save it back on your system.

Dell Drive Recovery Software- Save File Screen

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