Recovering Deleted Pictures from External Hard Drive

External hard drives are generally used for keeping a backup of important files like pictures, videos, songs, documents, etc. By using an external hard drive, one can easily transfer huge amount of data from one system to another. You just need a USB port to connect the external hard drive, in order to save or retrieve data from it. But this portability might lead to corruption and in turn can cause data loss. But other than corruption, there is one very common reason to lose data from external hard drive or any other drive, i.e. deletion.

Suppose you have hundreds of photos copied in your external hard drive. One day you connected your external hard drive to your system to manage those pictures. While going through the photos, you found that some were not of use and you thought of deleting them. Here deletion might have been performed in following ways –

Intentional Deletion – You decided to delete some pics and pressed delete, but after sometime you realized that you have done a mistake and need those pics back. The user might also delete pictures thinking that they have a copy of that but when they realize the loss, it was too late.

Accidental Deletion – Deleting pictures accidentally is yet another way of losing important files. You were removing some unwanted photos and accidentally selected some good ones and pressed delete. This might happen due to a slight distraction while removing unwanted files.

When the deletion happens, the first place the user looks for is the Recycle Bin or Mac Trash. It is a temporary storage where all the deleted files reside until completely deleted. The user can easily recover deleted photos from the Recycle Bin, but to their surprise the pictures were not present there. What is the reason for this? Most of the users are unaware of the fact that files deleted from an externally connected device are permanently removed from the device. They are not saved in the Recycle Bin or Trash like the files deleted from the system does. Even if the deletion is performed by using just the delete option, the photos are removed permanently. So, in order to recover deleted photos from external hard drive, you will need a recovery tool.

Here, drive recovery software comes into picture. This software is capable of recover data from Windows 8 hard drive as well as from other versions of Windows operating system including Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. without any hassle. This tool is extremely efficient in recovering deleted pictures from external hard drive. The software has a powerful scanning engine that makes the recovery process fast and effective. You can also perform Samsung drive recovery as well as Toshiba, Sony, Buffalo, Hitachi drive recovery, with this tool. It can scan the entire external hard drive in just a few minutes’, irrespective of its size. By using this powerful software, you can easily restore deleted or lost files from different brands of hard drives like WD drive, Hitachi etc.

In order to know more information on how to recover data from WD drive, visit here: The software is capable to recover deleted pictures from external hard drive of various brands and types. About 50 photo formats are supported by this software; but if you are unable to find the file type you are looking for, then make use of the Add / Edit Signature option to add that format and run the recovery process. Other than pictures, the tool is also capable of restoring videos from hard drive and other file formats too. If you are a Mac user then to recover data from hard drive on different versions of Mac Operating Systems, do visit here.

With the help of drive recovery software you can also know about how to restore Seagate drive data such as images, audio, videos etc. and many more either, deleted or lost from it due to various reasons within minutes.

How to recover deleted photos from external hard drive?

Step 1: From the main screen select “Recover Photos” option. Then select “Recover Deleted Photos” option from the next screen to recover deleted pictures from external hard drive

Recover Deleted Photos from External Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step 2: Now choose the drive for recovering deleted pictures from external hard drive and proceed by clicking the next arrow button

Recover Deleted Photos from External Hard Drive - Select Drive Screen

Step 3: After scanning all the deleted photos will be displayed in front of you. Preview and save the photos.

Recover Deleted Photos from External Hard Drive - Save File Screen

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