How to Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive?

  • An ultimate solution that helps in restoring data from a crashed HD drive
  • The program is also capable to bring back files from non-booting, uninitialized, unmounting, corrupt, inaccessible drives
  • Securely scans the drive partitions and extracts files from it
  • Causes no modifications to the original file contents
  • It also allows the users to preview the set of restored items from the crashed drive


Is your system hard drive crashed? Would you like to recover your important data stored on the crashed hard drive? YES it is possible to recover all your data from the crashed hard drive but before that let us to know the importance of a hard drive and the scenarios that lead to hard drive crash.

A hard drive is a physical drive which can be your system internal drive or external drive. Hard drives are a huge data storage devices where one can store any sort of data onto it like a vital collection of photos, videos, audio tracks, office files and other important documents. The files which are stored on the hard drive can be accessed very easily. But there is no data security on hard drives as the hard drives may crash due to several reasons which result in data loss. There are two possibilities of a hard drive crash and they are logical hard disk crash and physical hard disk crash.

If you are the victim who is facing any of these hard disks crashes whether it is logical crash or physical crash, then you no need to worry about this because now you can effortlessly restore crashed hard drive by making use of this effective recovery tool referred as Crashed Drive Recovery Software. With the help of this advanced software, you can also recover data from a Mac hard drive partitions.

The following are the reasons that result in a Hard Drive Crash

  1. Virus Infection: Virus is an application which enters into the system without your knowledge. Once after the virus enters into system, it will start corrupting the files which result in the file system corruption and finally it may lead to the hard drive crash, as a result, you need to restore crashed the hard drive to get back all your important data.
  2. Hard Drive Conflicts: All your system components use Interrupt Request Channels when installing; to function properly each device requires a unique channel. the hard drive can be crash if two devices share a common channel and are used simultaneously which result in loss of your important data files saved on the crashed hard drive. By using Crashed Drive Recovery Software you can overcome from this issue.
  3. Logical Partition Failure: The hard Drive is a physical drive that can be formed into logical partitions, if there is a failure in logical partitioning then hard disk drive may get crash which result in data loss. So make use of Crashed Drive Recovery Software to retrieve crashed hard drive data. You can also perform corrupted drive recovery in order to recover data from a hard drive that is corrupted due to any of the common reasons by using this software.
  4. Over Heated Hard Drive: There are several reasons due to which hard drive gets heated up. One among them is a bad motherboard. If the motherboard gets corrupted then sometimes it will results in over heating of the hard drive that causes hard drive crash because of which you may lose your data files. So in order to gain access to your files you need to retrieve crashed hard drive.

Crashed Drive Recovery Software is one of the highly-rated software that results in recovery of data from the crashed hard drive. This software contains a powerful algorithm that scans the entire hard drive in order to restore crashed hard drive. This advanced software also facilitates you to recover deleted photos from an external hard drive. This effective utility helps in recovering data files from all brands of hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, ATA, etc. This is user interface software that helps in recovering DATA from crashed hard drive just by a few mouse clicks. To recover all different types of files including pictures, videos, audios, documents, etc. you need to retrieve a crashed hard drive by using this smart software. It also facilitates you to recover data from a drive that is not initialized in a very small period of time.

Steps to perform crashed drive recovery:

Step 1: Download and install the Crashed drive recovery software on your PC. Then run the application by clicking on the desktop icon. From the first screen select “Recover Drives” option.

Crashed Drive Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step 2: Then on the next window select “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” based on data loss scenario and select the crashed hard drive from where you lost the files.

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery - Select Drive Screen

Step 3: A new window is displayed with the list of restored files from your crashed hard disk. Restore hard drive files by saving them back on your system.

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