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Computer drives play an integral role in the systems. They are developed with different sizes and shapes. These drives can be built within the computer or can be connected to the computer as the external source. Drive can be referred to external devices like USB, memory cards, CD, DVD, FireWire drives and internal device like hard disk. Hard Disk is the most commonly used drive in computers serving as a main source of storage.

HDD can store files like documents, spreadsheets, animations, video, audio etc. They have a wide range of sizes, speed and portability. Presently, hard disk gives the largest capacity to store data in all computers. The data on hard drive are stored magnetically to make it retain the data even after the power is turned off. Since the hard drive stores a large amount of data computers users mainly depend on them to keep all their professional and personal documents. Hence, more and more users are facing data loss problems from hard drive. For example, while deleting unwanted files in order to increase the storage space on your hard drive, you may accidentally delete some of your essential files. In such cases you may get worried and start searching a best repair tool to recover hard drive data.

However, now you need not to get worried about how to recover lost or deleted data from your hard drive because, this recovery task can be easily done by utilizing an advanced and well known utility named as Drive Recovery software. It is an effective tool to recover hard drive data within short period of time and also with accurately. This drive recovery tool has been built with many advanced features and also reviewed and recommended by industry experts to get back lost or deleted data from your system hard drive.


Why to opt this hard drive recovery software?

  • Power Failure: When files are kept in an active mode and you encounter a power fluctuation problem, then you may end up losing the file from your system hard drive due to distractions in file structure.
  • Improper File System Conversion: Without having a proper knowledge of the file system conversion, if users tend to perform them, then it may unfortunately result in file system corruption. So, as a result of corrupt file system, you may lose access to files stored on hard drive.
  • Third Party Apps: The third party tools installed and used on your computers can make use of your stored files and delete them when used for some required task.
  • Factory Reset: You may lose files when you perform a factory restoration setting on your computer upon encountering an indifferent behavior of operating system.
  • Virus Attack: If your system gets infected by some harmful viruses or malwares, then the files stored on it may get corrupt and become inaccessible. This leads to huge loss of data from your system hard drive. Due to virus infection, you may even scan your device using an updated version of anti-virus tool, and this tool may delete some of your required files. So, virus plays a major in data loss or deletion from your system hard drive.
  • Interrupted Data Transfer: Sometimes, you may transfer data from your system to any external drive like USB drive in order to carry data from one place to another. But during the data transfer process, if any interruption occurs like abrupt removal of external drive may leads to data loss from your system hard disk.

There are several more reasons that lead to data loss or deletion from your system hard drive such as intentional or unintentional format, hard drive corruption, bad sectors on hard disk, improper defragmentation process, etc. In order to overcome from all these scenarios or to know how to restore lost or deleted from hard drive, you can make use of drive recovery application. It is an excellent tool to recover hard drive data as it effectively works under all data loss and deletion scenarios in an effective way.

Remarkable features of Drive Recovery Software:

  • Using this drive recovery program you will be capable to retrieve up to 300 file types which includes documents, audio, videos, image, spreadsheet, PST files, HTML etc.
  • You can perform Macintosh hard drive recovery from all latest Mac versions like Mac OS Snow Leopard, Mac Leopard and Mac Lion.
  • The "Save Recovery Session" in this tool helps you to store the scanned results so that you can use them in future whenever you want to perform a rescan.
  • If your are facing any logical problems on your drives and lost all the file then by performing damaged hard drive recovery you can recover the files safely.
  • It is best software to recover hard drive data that supporting file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and many more.
  • Other than internal hard drives this utility enables you to retrieve files lost from external devices like pen drive, flash card, external hard disk and FireWire interface.
  • It has strong scanning algorithms that scan your entire storage device to recover lost or deleted data from it.
  • This application also has simple graphical user interface that helps even novice user to restore data from hard drive in a short span of time.
  • With the help of this advanced utility you can also retrieve data from non-booting drives.

Recent Updates:

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TrekStor Hard Drive Recovery: With the use of Drive Recovery software, you can easily perform TrekStor hard drive recovery in short span of time. It has inbuilt strong scanning algorithms which helps you to recover deleted or lost data from TrekStor hard drive in an effective and efficient way. For more details, refer this link: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/trekstor.html

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Recover Data from HP Laptop Hard Drive: Have you lost or deleted some important data such as photos, memorable videos, etc. from the HP laptop hard drive? If yes, then make use of effective and efficient software called as Drive recovery software in order to recover data from HP laptop hard drive in just few mouse clicks. For further details, visit this link: www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/data-from-hp-laptop.html

Recover 1TB Hard Drive: Have you accidentally deleted your crucial data from 1TB hard drive and wondering how to recover 1TB hard drive? Do not worry! Just make use of Drive recovery software which helps you to recover data from 1TB hard drive within couple of minutes. For more details, refer this link: www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/1tb.html

Recover Data after Blue Screen Death: Do you want to know how to recover data after blue screen death? If yes, then make use of this efficient tool named as Drive Recovery software to recover data after blue screen death. For more info, refer this link: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/data-after-blue-scree-death.html.

Asus Laptop Hard Drive Recovery: Have you encountered some problem related to your Asus laptop hard drive? Here is the best tools which is used to recover data from Asus laptop hard drive in an effective and efficient way only in case of data loss due to logical reasons. To know more about how to perform Asus laptop hard drive recovery, refer this link: www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/asus-laptop.html.

Samsung Drive Recovery: Do you want to know how to recover Samsung drive? If yes, then download the Drive Recovery Software. It makes you follow few simple steps explained in this page: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/samsung.html and restores all your lost or deleted data back to your Samsung drive.

Recover GoFlex Drive: GoFlex is popular and most reliable external drive, but still there are chances that you may lose data from it due to various reasons. So to know how to recover GoFlex drive data, you can make use of Drive Recovery Software. For more info about GoFlex hard drive recovery, visit: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/goflex.html.

Lenovo ThinkPad Hard Drive Recovery: Did your Lenovo ThinkPad hard drive is corrupted due to power surges or some other logical corruption issues? If so, then use Drive Recovery tool to perform Lenovo ThinkPad hard drive recovery. For more info: visit: www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/lenovo-thinkpad.html

Acer Aspire Hard Drive Recovery: Do you want to know how to recover data from Acer aspire hard drive? If so, then you can make use of Drive Recovery Software. To get more information about Acer aspire hard drive recovery, you can go to the following link: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/acer-aspire.html.

Recovering Lost Data from External Hard Drive: If you have lost your essential data from external hard drive, then with the help of Drive Recovery Software you can easily recover lost data from external hard drive. For more details about recovering lost data from external hard drive visit: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/lost-data-from-external-hard.html.

Failed Hard Drive Recovery: You may lose your important data due to failed hard drive which might be due to various reasons, but in order to perform failed hard drive recovery to get back all your valuable data you can make use of Drive Recovery Tool/software. To know more about failed hard drive recovery visit: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/failed.html.

Recover C Drive Data: Have you lost or deleted data from your system C drive, and do you wish to know how to recover C drive data? Then, make use of Drive Recovery Software which will help you to recover all your lost or deleted data from C drive. For more info, go to: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/c-data.html

Recovering RAW Drive: With the help of hard drive recovery software, recovering RAW drive data such as, pictures, music files etc. is very easy. It thoroughly scans the entire drive and recover all your missing data from RAW drive. It is the best drive recovery software you can make use of.

How to Restore Seagate Drive?: Now, you can know about how to restore Seagate drive data with the help of effective Hard Drive Recovery Software. It is designed with best repair algorithms with the help of which it carefully examines the data such as, images, songs, videos, documents, etc. present in Seagate drive and hence, extracts it in a minimum amount of time.

Recover Music from Hard Drive: Is your essential Music files got deleted or lost from your system hard drive, and would you like to know how to recover Music from hard drive? Then, make use of Drive Recovery Software to recover lost or deleted music files from your hard drive. For more info visit: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/music-from-hard-drive.html.

How to Recover Data from Drive with Bad Sectors?: With the help of Hard Drive Recovery Software you can now successfully know about how to recover data from drive with Bad Sectors due to different reasons with ease. It works by creating a duplicate of your inaccessible drive and then recovers your precious data by opening the disk image of hard drive.

Recover Data from A Drive That is Not Initialized: Your system hard drive may show as not initialized due to various reasons which may result in huge data loss. So, make use of Drive Recovery Software in order to recover data from a not initialized hard drive. To know how to perform this task visit: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/data-that-is-not-initialized.html.

Recover Formatted Hard Drive: Have you accidentally formatted your hard drive and would you like to know how to recover formatted hard drive? If YES, then make use of this effective Drive Recovery Software in order to retrieve data from formatted hard drive. For more details go to: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/formatted.html.

Recover Pictures from Hard Drive: Do you want to know how to recover lost or deleted pictures from your system hard drive? If yes, then don't be panic just make use of this effective Drive Recovery application which will get back all deleted or lost photos from hard drive in just a few minutes. For more details, go to: drive-recoverysoftware.com/pictures-from-hard-drive.html

Recover Recently Deleted Files: Drive Recovery Software is an excellent tool using which you can easily recover recently deleted files such as video files, image files, audio files, and other important files from your Windows or Mac systems. If you want to know more details, do visit this page: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/recently-deleted-files.html.

Corrupted Drive Recovery Software: If you want to recover data from corrupted hard drive then make use of an effective corrupted drive recovery software. This tool helps you to recover more than 300 types of files from corrupted hard drive. To know more about corrupted drive recovery visit http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/corrupted.html.

Crashed Drive Recovery: With the help of this recovery software you can restore all your important data files from crashed hard drive that too in a short span of time. Visit http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/crashed.html to get more info about crashed drive recovery.

WD Drive Recovery: By using this advanced software you can effortlessly recover any kind of files which has been lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted from WD drive. For more detail to recover data from WD drive, visit here: http://www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/wd.html.

Recover Deleted Photos from External Hard Drive - By using the drive recovery software, even the deleted pictures can be easily retrieved from an external hard drive. The pictures can be of any format. The tool supports recovery of over 50 photo formats. Visit www.drive-recoverysoftware.com/deleted-photos-from-external.html for more details.

Steps to Use Hard Drive Recovery Software:

Step 1: Click the download link on this site and install the demo version of the software on your system. When the first screen is displayed after launching the tool select the "Recover Drives" option.

Hard Drive Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step 2: When the second screen is displayed having two options namely "Partition Recovery" and "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery". Select any one based on the mode of data loss. Next, select the logical drive from which you lost the files, and then click "Next" arrow button.

Drive Retrieval Software - Select Logical Drive Screen

Step 3: After the scan, select the target file and save it back on any storage device giving the specified location after purchasing the product online.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Tips and suggestions

  • Always when you shut down the system make sure that all the files and software are closed.
  • Take an expert advice if you are not aware of any software installation procedures to be done on hard drives.
  • Create a backup of your critical files.
  • Be sure that the files which you are going to delete are no more required in future.
  • Avoid abrupt ejection of external device when data transfer is under progress.
  • Use updated anti-virus application to scan your entire system on regular interval of time in order to get rid of virus.

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